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Mar 14, 2019

A semi-academic look at how marketing works and why we choose the products we buy. We look at the consumer decision making process, cognitive dissonance, and how consumers distinguish products from one another. 

Mar 7, 2019

The practice of addition by subtraction can help nearly all aspects of our businesses or lives.  Many things can be improved by making them simpler, or more concise. In this episode, I introduce the concept so that we have a shared language through which to discuss more complex...

Feb 28, 2019

Every year I create a yearly scorecard, which helps me measure my activities. But what it really does is helps me stay focused on the things that bring me happiness. In this episode, I lay out my strategy and what I'm trying to do in 2019. 

Feb 21, 2019

An exploration of how culture relates to marketing. 

Feb 14, 2019

I think the productivity industry is full of disingenuous and dishonest content. It's easy to fall into a trap of credit card productivity and spending more time reading about productivity than actually being productive. Here's how I get things done.